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Leesan Inline Charcoal Vent Filters

Leesan Inline Charcoal Vent Filters
Product Information:

Inline Carbon Vent Breather Filter

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  • The LeeSan inline fliter is an effective charcoal filter and will ensure that unpleasant odours from the tank are swiftly neutralised.
  • Replacement of the carbon granules will depend on several factors, the main two being the amount of use your toilet / tank has and the ambient temperature.
  • However, the filters lasts a long time and provide excellent odour control.
  • It is important that the carbon filter remains dry at all times.
  • The carbon is made of high standard Taixia anthracite, processed through grinding, mixture, extrusion, carbonisation and steam activation etc. Due to the high mechanical hardness, highly developed porous structure and huge specific surface area, it’s can be widely used in both of gas-phase and fluid-phase purification and absorption, catalyst carrier.

Air Throughput:

ODOR2 - 2" Inline Charcole Filter 9m3/hr

ODOR3 - 3" Inline Charcole Filter 15m3/hr

ODOR4 - 4" Inline Stack Vent Filter 25m3/hr


This unit must be installed inline vertically.

Only LeeSan truly specialise in toilets, call to speak to our knowledgeable staff.




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Leesan Inline Charcoal Vent Filters
Leesan Inline Charcoal Vent Filters

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