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Dometic 972 Portable Toilet 10 Litre

Dometic 972 Portable Toilet 10 Litre
Product Information:

972 Portable Toilet, 10 Litre, Grey or Tan coloured tank

This portable toilet from Dometic has a 10 litre holding tank. Due to an innovative product design this high-quality toilet offers powerful flushing with less pumping as well as splash-free operation and discharge. Easy to use push-button operation.

More efficiency and hygiene through powerful piston pump. Up to 26 flushes per water fill with 8.7 l fresh water tank. Modern design and robust ABS quality with shiny surface.

Splash-free emptying with automatic tank vents and extra long swing-out discharge

Tank level indicator and pressure relief valve increase safety

Home like comfort with an adult-sized seat

Only LeeSan truly specialise in toilets, call to speak to our knowledgeable staff.

Dometic 972 Portable Toilet 10 Litre

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