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LeeScale Green Descaler (1 litre)

LeeScale Green Descaler (1 litre)
Product Information:


LeeScale Biodegradeable Descaler/limescale remover is ideal for removing uric and limescale from toilet systems. It is also designed for removing scale forming deposits from all types of water cooling & heating systems as well as being effective for the removal of barnacles, zebra mussels and other marine fouling.

Add LeeScale to the system at a ratio of between 1:10 to1:20 depending on the severity of the fouling.

You can leave LeeScale in the system overnight for maximum effect. After cleaning flush the system through with clean water.

Descale with LeeScale, a fast marine biodegradable descaler. Environmentally safe, non hazardous and non toxic. LeeScale removes: lime scale, rust scale, calcium toilet scale, PLUS a whole lot more.

Please note we are unable to ship this product outside of the United Kingdom due to the liquid content.

Only LeeSan truly specialise in toilets, call to speak to our knowledgeable staff.




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