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Leesan Provides The Sanitation System for 28 New Floating Homes at Upton Marina




LeeSan Provide the Perfect Sanitation Systems for

28 New Floating Homes at Upton Lake.


Upton Marina, Upton Upon Severn, (now called the Upton Lake Project) is the location for this exciting new development. Ten floating homes are currently planned. This will be expanded to feature twenty-eight in total in three further segments. The project has been underway since the start of 2022.


Obviously, floating homes come with some technical challenges. In this case, one of these was working out how to allow them all to discharge black and grey waste to the main foul sewer located some distance away on the far side of the marina.


However, for Warwickshire based Marine Sanitation specialists LeeSan this sort of project is all in a day’s work. Working closely with the developers, the LeeSan team have designed and specified a custom built, integral, HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), transfer tank with single submersible pump (supplied by LeeSan’s parent company Pump Technology Ltd.) for each home. All pipework from the home’s grey and black waste discharges directly into this. A safety operating panel and high-level alarm to warn of any challenges in good time to take appropriate action is also included in every system.



These individual tanks then automatically pump out to a master transfer tank comprising of another larger HDPE tank with, for belt and braces security, twin 3 phase pumps (again from Pump Technology Ltd.), on a duty/standby/assist arrangement. This can easily cope with multiple homes discharging at once. From here the system then discharges via the ramp and across the bridge to the main foul sewer.
For the client Tingdene Group an important part of the brief was that each system should operate just like a normal home, and this has been successfully achieved.
LeeSan has currently completed and commissioned the installations for the first five homes.
Tingdene Group have a show home in the marina which they let out to potential clients interested in buying a home. This is proving to be a really great idea as there is nothing like trying before you buy!


It certainly seems that LeeSan are expanding the concept of “Marine” Sanitation into ever more interesting and exciting areas!



Pictures show:
Exterior and interior of the first five floating homes.
The individual tank installation designed for each home.


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